“Her Stop” is Published!

Her Stop is now published in the print anthology titled Maelstrom: The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Literary Anthology 2019. The anthology is produced by Clarendon House Books, a United Kingdom publishing house. It’s my first story to be published internationally! You can buy it in print or ebook format. It’s a touching story. I hope it resonates in some way with you. Enjoy!

New 50-Word Story

I’ve been a long time subscriber to Fifty Word Stories. I love this site!!

If you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll get about two 50 words stories a day. They publish from authors all over the world.

It’s a fun challenge to fit an entire story into 50 words.

They’ve published several of my pieces. The most recent one was published today.

Check it out here.

Pre-Summer Update – My First Novel!

It’s been a really long time since I posted.

I haven’t taken a writing break, though. I’ve been spending every second of my spare time writing my first book. As of today, I finished a semi-polished first draft of the book.

Now that my first draft is done, I’m taking a break from the novel to write some short stories, poetry and flash fiction. Stay tuned for that.

This summer, Luck, will be published in Stinkwaves. It was supposed to be published last fall, but Handerson Publishing, the publishing house that produces the magazine, has been so busy putting out amazing content, that they had to limit publication of their magazine. My story will be published in late summer and that will be the last issue for awhile. I’ll keep you all apprised.

To pass time, here and there, I’ve written some 50 words stories that were published at https://fiftywordstories.com/. I LOVE flash fiction and aim to write more of it.

I wrote three pieces for Fifty Word Stories. You can see them here.

Thanks and I’ll try and write more often.

Luck: Update

Luck was originally scheduled to be published in the fall edition of Handersen Publishing’s Stinkwaves Magazine. The Editors recently decided that the story would fit better in their Spring edition and I agreed. It’s disappointing, but worth the wait. Stinkwaves is a great magazine! Check it out on Amazon or directly from their website.